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iGrid.NET is the most flexible, fastest and easiest grid for the .NET Framework
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23 December 2009

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Are you in search for an easy to use, fast and flexible grid for .NET Framework? If yes then check out the iGrid.NET 2.50 that offers the very same. iGrid.NET is a simple cell matrix and all you need to do is set the number of rows and columns and get started. Be it .NET DataGrid substitution or ListView or an unbound grid control application you will be able to use it any way you like. It comes with a varied range of properties which will enable you to customize this application for your job easily. You can download this program which gets installed in your system with zero amount of trouble.

You will be surprised to find the enormous amount of features that it has to put forward for your convenience. Any kind of value types can be stored in the cells of iGrid. Even values of dissimilar types can be conveniently stored in same column. Built-in Tooltip will help you to display all the texts that are either partially visible or the column header text gets clipped on the boundaries. Several sorting options availed by it aids in sorting of data through images, colors, fonts or stings which are case sensitive or case insensitive. It also supports multi-column TreeView that can help anyone easily view the data vividly. As per the sizes of grid cells you will be able to use different sets of icons and using of 15 unlike image lists is possible in one cell area. iGrid also offers a fast and dynamic formatting of the cells without even a single loss of performance. Unicode text can be easily edited and displayed by iGrid plus it supports all the version of Windows operating System.

iGrid is also equipped with some of the special features like customized scroll bars, a view similar to Outlook hiding and showing of Grid lines etc. Owing to its decent price and superb performance it depicts we rate it with 4.5 on 5.

Publisher's description

iGrid.NET is the most flexible, fastest and easiest grid for the .NET Framework. You can use iGrid.NET either as a ListView and .NET DataGrid substitution, or as a full-featured unbound grid control. It provides you with a wide range of properties and events which allow you to customize it for your particular task. You can use iGrid.NET either as a list view substitution or as a full-featured grid control. With iGrid.NET you can:
- format each cell independently as well as a whole column at once,
- create a message preview like in MS Outlook,
- build tree-like interfaces,
- freeze rows and columns,
- design multi-row headers with merged header cells,
- make scroll bars semi-transparent,
- add custom buttons to scroll bars,
- display custom drop-down controls,
- edit multi-row text,
- dynamically adjust contents of group rows,
- and more.
iGrid.NET fully supports right-to-left mode (for such languages as Hebrew or Arabic). To put iGrid.NET in this mode, just set its RightToLeft property to True.
The vast majority of iGrid.NET's settings can be performed at design-time - you can populate and format the entire grid before you compile and launch your project.
Simple access to the cells, columns, rows, and header cells makes iGrid.NET a pleasure to work with. You can use for-each statement to enumerate all the cells, rows, columns. Also you can enumerate the cells of a row or column. The string keys make it easier to quickly access any required row, column, or cell.
Version 2.50
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